Miley Cyrus Ruins NIRVANA Song

You cannot possibly imagine how pissed I am… unless you’re a NIRVANA fan too. I think that Miley Cyrus should just stick to her shitty pop. I highly doubt that she has any clue what the song actually means. I don’t think any member of NIRVANA would make a big deal out of it, but if asked about it, I can only hope they mutter “Oh, whatever, never-mind.”

Apparently, I’m not the only one. (PS. I’m not putting images of Miley and NIRVANA. It’s enough that I have them in the same paragraph together. )

It’s enough that these fame hungry, computerized singers are mainstream and on every major radio station. Now, they’ve got to go and destroy our music. I don’t think so. I hate that people are calling Miley Cyrus a “third wave feminist”. She isn’t that in any way! Fucking a teddy bear ON STAGE IN FRONT OF LITTLE KIDS is NOT feminist-like. Almost everything is so provocative these days. You don’t see the Imagine Dragons singer stripping to a Speedo, do you? NO! If anything, this is the OPPOSITE of feminism. It’s literally displaying her as a sex-object. It’s not really the fact that she’s almost naked, but that she humps EVERYTHING she sees!

I think she just wants continuous attention. I also do realize that his happened a year or two ago, but I still want to address it.

Here’s the NIRVANA version:

Vote for which one you think is best.